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Chris Dietrich

provide summary statistics on numbers of each object type ingested

It would be helpful to have an easy-to-find summary of the numbers of slides, vials, etc., uploaded to InvertNet so far. This information is provided on the “What’s new” page, but it would be helpful to have a summary prominently displayed on the home page. The “Resources” section should also have its own tab on the top nav bar of the homepage so that you don’t have to scroll down below the image viewer to see it. It’s also not clear that it is possible to get to ALL resources via the “What else is new” link. The stuff listed appears to be not just what’s new, but everything that’s been uploaded to InvertNet.

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  1. David Bailey

    With slides, it was easy to understand this whole concept. Sometimes verbal topics are not just enough, visuals of something to some extent are required. In this presentation helped a lot to understand the assignment masters conception.

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