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    I am a broad-based organismal biologist whose primary interests are in insect systematics, aquatic entomology, and arthropod biodiversity. My research emphasizes revisionary systematics of insects, especially aquatic- and semi-aquatic flies (e.g., Blephariceridae, Psychodidae, Ptychopteridae, Tipuloidea), the phylogenetic relationships of Diptera families, and the biodiversity of aquatic insects. This includes aspects of the morphology, phylogeny, biogeography, and historical ecology of aquatic insects, morphological and ecological adaptations of insects in unusual aquatic habitats (especially torrential streams and hyporheic subterranean habitats), biodiversity and conservation of aquatic habitats, and phylogenetic congruence of different character data (e.g., larval, adult, chromosomal, molecular, ecological).

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